1. At Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard we believe that food is a basic human right, and we work to address the root causes of hunger and poverty. 


    What Does Advocacy Mean at the Hub? 

    At Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard we do more than offer emergency food assistance – we work to address the root causes of hunger and poverty.  We have identified 3 core root causes for hunger: oppression, lack of affordable housing, and lack of affordable healthcare. Currently, our advocacy work includes offering access to the skills and resources needed to grow and prepare food and build household food self-reliance. We also host monthly family lunches, to share food and address community food issues with our food pantry patrons, volunteers, and community members concerned about food access.  

    • American Food Banks Say Charity Won’t End Hunger
      • Our Food Pantry is instrumental in fostering our community here at the Hub, and we are proud to provide this necessary service. However, the Food Pantry framework is not capable of addressing the systemic issues associated with poverty and food insecurity.  The only way to address food insecurity is through systemic changes to our policies and mindsets.

    What our Advocacy Program Does 


    • Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard Advocacy Working Group
      • Cultivating social justice is the heart of The Hub’s work.  Whether in the food pantry, the kitchen or the garden, building community can be much easier in theory rather than in practice. Join the Advocacy Working Group to learn more about building and maintaining justice in Hub programs and practice confronting challenging situations while upholding the dignity and respect of all involved.


    • Legislative tracking (local, state, and national bills of interest):
      • What is the Child Nutrition Act, and Why Should We Care?
        • One of the pieces that we track most ardently is the Child Nutrition and Women with Infant Children Reauthorization (shortened to CNA and WIC, respectively). CNA and WIC provide for federally-funded school meals and child nutrition programs. Unfortunately, this crucial piece of legislation has been in a state of flux for several years, as elected officials strongly disagree on the nutritional standards that should be implemented.
      • Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP):
        • SNAP is inarguably one of the most important social safety net programs available in the United States. A $74 billion program, SNAP provides over 45 million people with money to purchase nutritional food for themselves and their families; 70% of this funding goes to families with children, and more than 25% are households with seniors or people with disabilities. SNAP has been a staple in the social safety net program, but with the 2016 General Election priorities may be changing, and this instrumental program that helps lift people out of poverty could be greatly weakened. The Hub has already seen an influx of patrons over the last several years, and we will not be able to meet demand if funding to programs like SNAP are reduced.


    • Community Building
      • At our monthly Hub Family Lunches, we invite patrons and community members to join us for a home cooked meal. During these events, we foster conversations about a wide range of topics that affect individuals and families in our community, including healthcare, food security, affordable housing, and poverty.
      • Throughout the winter we also hold freqent Coffee Talks in the food pantry, where patrons can warm up and chat with Hub staffers and volunteers. While these events are more informal than the Hub Lunches, Coffee Talks allow us to build relationships with our patrons, and help us narrow our research and advocacy priorities on those policies that are having the most direct impact.


    • Voter Registration and Education
      • Since the 2016 Primary, the Hub has been thrilled to be a one-stop shop for all of your voting needs. In the months leading up to both the 2016 Primary and General Election, we had a huge success by helped register 77 people to vote. We also provided community members with a voter information board and handouts that contained candidate positions on various issues. Be sure to keep us in mind during upcoming elections, as we can provide you with registration materials, absentee ballot applications, information on early voting, and candidate information!


    Get Involved With The Hub’s Advocacy

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